How would a design process be designed if it was to be entirely form driven?

Advanced Form Design

The course Advanced Form Design covers the areas of perception, analysis, experience and creation of form.

This project is a part of the course and pres­ents how a team have been exploring shape and form without initially knowing what product the project should result in. Forms springing from the basic geometrical ele­ments of bars, surfaces and bodies have been created, organized and analysed. This was done to span the width of design possibilities and build an understanding of form and the surrounding theories.

In the second phase of the project one of the derived forms was developed into a product with a function. The form, a helix made up of bars, was developed into an futuristic submarine with the purpose of being a majestic transportation media of tomorrow.

Project group: Alexander Andersson, Fredrik Andersson, Gustav Nilson, Jessica Olsson, Anna Rynvall. 2009.

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