Biogas Digester

Integrating a Biogas Digester into a Household Environment Grupp


Biogas is a renewable resource that can be used in several applications, high sustainability and the wide availability of substrate makes it a technology with a promising future. The goal of this thesis project was to develop a concept that would integrate a biogas digester into a household environment.

This was done by conducting a pre-study through customer visits, ex-pert interviews and a survey to collect knowledge about the subject matter and to collect cus-tomer needs. The pre-study was followed by a concept development phase where new con-cepts were generated and then evaluated and lastly eliminated. Concepts were removed in two steps where the first one removed a number of them which were then evaluated more thor-oughly.

Then in the second elimination step a single most promising concept was chosen to be further developed. The final concept then had its architecture and industrial design finalized as well as materials selected. The result of the thesis is a biogas reactor system that can easily be integrated into a household environment to provide a sustainable way of recycling organic household waste.

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