The environment at MPDES is created to stimulate creativity. Design studios, workshops and computer studios are located right next to each other to facilitate the process from idea to visual or physical model.


The design studios are in a sense student offices. Students have 24 hour access and everyone is provided with a dedicated space to work and store belongings.

Right next to the studios there is a workshop available for woodwork, plastic and paper modeling etc – most materials are free thanks to our sponsors. There is a computer lecture hall exclusively for us with 48 working stations open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has printing and scanning facilities as well as computers equipped with licenses to the programmes required in courses and projects. To make physical plastic models out of computer models 3D printers are available as well as paper printers.

When testing a design the students can use our usability laboratory. In the laboratory the user can be observed from outside the room trough a one-way mirror and there is equipment to videotape the test.

We also have a collection of materials for the students to search among. Additional information about the materials, such as ecological and manufacturing aspects, can be found in a database provided by Råvara. In 2011 we added and developed the ecological samples together with Cradle 2 Cradle with 100% recycled materials.

On the other side of the street there is a library with a wide range of books and magazines about engineering, design and architecture. We also have our own magazines on the floor.

Most students stay long days and, even do there are a lot of restaurants in the near by, bring their lunch or dinner boxes to school. Therefore we have a big room with micros and seating, made for eating, socializing, meetings with clients or fellow students or just having fun. We enjoy our studies here and believe that a good social life with other students make us better as humans and coming professionals. The student union and program section will invite you to parties, pubs, dinners and trips while you study here. After your exam you will be invited to our alumni network.

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