Ergoclamp – a new ergonomic clamp for dialysis tubes

IDE-project Ergoclamp

The aim of the project is to design an new ergonomic clamp to
stop the flow of blood in plastic tubes at dialysis treatments. Background
researches clarified the importance of applying a maximum
force of about 15 Newton from the hand, and transform it
effectively to a small surface compression of the tube.
Form and size of the concept supports ergonomic handling and
a specific profile is developed to support handling from different
directions. Visual, auditive and haptic feedback is implemented
to uphold a safe working routine. To make it manufactureable,
injection molding in a flat out state as two parts connected with
living hinges is designed. In assembly the clamp clasp together
around the tube and it is ready to use. The result is improved usability
and ergonomics, but also benefits in assembling.

Project group: Jonas Björkman, Henrik Enkel Larsson, Henrik Eklund. 2011.

Arne Puhasmägi, President Nordic Medcom AB – Project initiator and owner.

Anna Lundgren, Project leader R&D at Nordic Medcom AB

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