Human Machine Interface for vehicle exterior lighting features

IDE-project SAAB

The purpose of this project has been to redefine the human machine interface for exterior lighting features for future Saab cars. Those lighting features include a number of automatic lighting features, that adapt to the headligts in accordance to the driving situation. Theoretical analyses were performed to find the user’s need and evaluate the possibilities with such a system, both with physical controls and what could be done with a touch screen display. Focus for the concepts was to increase the driver’s control over the system and inform about their existence and functionality. To validate the result the concepts were then evaluated in a user study with simulators after which the final concepts were created. The result is a system which is easy to use and increases the driver’s comfort. Better lighting increases safety for all road users and the ability to set up the lighting system in a graphical user interface ensures that this could be achieved while still fitting different driver’s needs.

Project group: Sara Alpsten, Kristoffer Borre, Sophie Kanerva, Erica Lindgren. 2011.

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