The master´s program comprises compulsory courses (45 ECTS), elective courses (45 ECTS) and a master´s thesis (30-60 ECTS).

Program plan

The first year is to provide the students with a common platform for the further studies within the program. Courses in industrial design-related subjects and in engineering design-related subjects are studied in parallel in order to comply with the overall aim of the master’s program. The core courses that provide this platform include Industrial Design Engineering: Theory and Methodology, Ergonomics design for all and Industrial Design Engineering Project.Both first and second year include additional elective courses as well as semi-elective courses. The courses offered are within the areas of Product Design Engineering and Human Factors Engineering. Product Design Engineering means a further focus on formal and semantic design problems. Human Factors Engineering stands for problems associated with designing the interaction between users and technical products/systems.
Additionally, the student may choose to prepare him or her for
post-graduate training and research. The number of elective courses will 
then be more limited.A master thesis project completes the program. The master’s thesis or diploma work should mirror the fundamental program idea, i.e. the integration of engineering design and industrial design. The master’s thesis usually encompasses 30 ECTS but could also, depending on the depth of the subject, be 60 ECTS.

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