MPDES is a master program focusing on the interplay between humans and technology. All courses are in English and there is a mix of Swedish and international students at the program.

What is MPDES?

New times require new capabilities; new capabilities require a new type of education. The motive for the master’s program in Industrial Design Engineering is an identified industrial need for competences with a holistic perspective on product development, encompassing engineering as well as industrial design, and with humanistic view on technology and its use. The master’s program therefore integrates studies in engineering subjects with studies in design related subjects and subjects involving the interplay between humans and technology.

Application and degrees

The courses at the master’s level are all in English and international, as well as Swedish, students are welcome to apply. For students from countries within EU/EEA and Switzerland there are no tuition fees at Swedish universities, Chalmers included. Information about fees, entry requirements, the application procedure and deadlines can be found on Chalmers’ website.

Students at design educations without engineering, or engineering educations without design, can not apply directly to the master but may come as exchange students. Contact your study council for more information.

All master’s programs at Chalmers are connected to one or more bachelor programs and “Teknisk design” is the one connected to MPDES. Students completing both programs are awarded Master of Science in Engineering (the Swedish degree Civilingenjör) and a Master of Science in Industrial Design Engineering. Students from other bachelor programs are awarded Master of Science in Industrial Design Engineering and may, if desired, take complementary courses to be awarded Civilingenjör.

We have exchange programs with schools all over the world and a double master degree is possible to achieve by doing one year and one year at the Tongji university in Shanghai .

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